I need to slow down :)

I’ve just opened the January Technical Services News from Cisco. Nothing in there that would really interest me. Almost no routing protocols (one OSPF article), no BGP, no MPLS VPN. Based solely on this newsletter, one could get the feeling that I’m producing more documents covering core IP routing in a month than Cisco (I am positive that’s not the case).

But maybe Cisco’s engineers are refocusing on the new Support Wiki. Not really. After I’ve filtered out sequential changes to a single document, there were only 11 significantly changed documents in the Support Wiki in the last 30 days.

So I’m left wondering … what’s going on? Has everything already been written about the core IP routing features and the productive minds have shifted to voice and wireless? Are the engineers focused on IP routing becoming the dinosaurs? What’s your perspective?

But one thing is clear: I need to slow down.


  1. No need to slow down because you are more educating the people & a day will come when people will look CT3 site instead of cisco if the behaviour of cisco remains the same.
    But really you are doing great job.

    shivlu jain
  2. Cisco has moved on. IOS is pretty much on cruise control, and it's been there for years. New releases and new features are rare, half baked and poorly supported. They still produce wonderful press releases, white papers and case studies. Working code - not so much.

    But hey, if the rumors are correct, they'll be selling servers soon. I bet that'll help them focus :)
  3. I agree they are not producing as they did before.
    It seems they are going with the overall market direction, things that brings high revenues.

    Anyways you are doing a great job here Ivan
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