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  1. While these are good books do yourself a favor and buy them used, you will save a ton of money!
  2. it's 6 bucks cheaper on
  3. But then Ivan won't get his affiliate commission!

    Seriously, I have no problem with it -- but at least *mention* that those are affiliate links.
  4. @Anonymous#3: looks like you're a fan of "full disclosure". Then maybe you should start by using your real name in comments :)

    But I agree with you in principle. In the future posts I will mention the fact that I might get a few $$$ when you buy the books through my links; thanks for keeping me straight.

    And here's my part of the "full disclosure". My referral fees in Q3/2008 were $31.18 and in Q2/2008 $22.46. Now it's your turn.
  5. Mine were $0.

    --Anonymous #3
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