Interesting links | 2008-09-14

It looks like everyone has better things to do after the summer holidays than providing free content to the blogosphere. The only really interesting post I found was Colin McNamara's response to my DMZ VLAN post, in which he looks at the much bigger picture: it's not only the switching infrastructure we're sharing; in the virtualization rush, we're sharing memory, disks, interfaces and even firewalls.


  1. Hi Ivan,

    i have to disagree at this point because Himawan Nugroho -- -- is always good for a excellent post and i have the felling that this guy is never on vacation... Well his blog isn´t that much a technical blog like yours but very very interesting too. Recently he wrote about "Interview @ CCIE Lab".


    Gernot Nusshall
  2. Hi Gernot!

    Thanks for bringing that blog to my attention. As you've guessed, I'm primarily publishing links to blog posts focused on technical details similar to topics I'm discussing in my blog ... and I'm well aware there are tons of other good things out there.

    Best regards
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