Interesting links | 2008-08-10

It looks like some people forgot that July and August are supposed to be summer months when everyone is off to the nearest beach enjoying the sun (or maybe the global warning has caused unusually rainy weather in some parts of the globe). Leading the pack is Petr Lapukhov (a few more weeks like this and I'll start suspecting he's actually an pseudonym for a group of people like Tony Li was rumored to be a decade ago), who described Per-VLAN spanning tree (PVST) protocol, Multiple Spanning Trees Protocol (MSTP) and Dynamic Multipoint VPNs (DMVPN) (this one is so long I'll probably never find the willpower to read it)

DMVPN is also covered by Jeremy Stretch (I'm starting to wonder what's the root cause for the sudden fascination with this solution), who also provided a nice introduction to EUI-64 IPv6 addresses, a very practical view on shaping-versus-policing dilemma and simple step-by-step introduction to 802.1X.

As one would expect, Joe Harris and Arden Packeer are also ignoring the summer temptations. Joe provided an interesting link to the CCDE practical exam demo and Arden is continuing with his "OSPF over Frame Relay" saga (a few more installments and he'll be getting close to Jordan's Wheel of Time).

And last but not least: Tim Riegert sent me a link to a page full of TCP/IP and IMS Sequence Diagrams. The diagrams serve as a demonstration of EventStudio System Designer capabilities, but they are still good.


  1. Ivan,

    That long DMVPN post was actually an intro ;) The problem with DMVPN is that Cisco has shallow explanation of NHRP functionality and reading the RFC is such a pain for many people.

    I'm still working on "advanced" DMVPN scenario (daisy-chained hubs) and DMVPN Phase 3 - which is yet another conceptual solution. Hope to make the new posts less than 50 pages long, for I need to write more on QoS/MSTP.


    next VPN thing to come is probably GET, with that fascinating ISAKMP GDOI stuff ;)
  2. (or maybe the global warning has caused unusually rainy weather in some parts of the globe)Almost as cool as the multi-hoped one. :D
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