QoS Policing in Cisco IOS

Policing implementations in Cisco IOS are a bit confusing: IOS supports three different algorithms that are configured with very similar parameters of the police command in modular QoS CLI. There's also the older rate-limit command that uses a limited implementation of one of the three algorithms. You'll find all policing details, including the graphic representations of all three algorithms in the QoS Policing in Cisco IOS article.


  1. surfing around I found this simple post discussing rate-limit

    CAR rate-limit examples

    hope it helps
  2. Is it possible to use any of the methods for outbound policing on 3560/3750 switches (not the E versions). It does not seem like its possible on these platforms for outbound traffic only inbound.
  3. I am no switching guru (and my document covers solely software-based router platforms), but uncle Google provided this document when asked about "Catalyst 3550 policing".

    Reading it, I would assume you can do inbound and outbound policing on Cat3550, but I haven't tried it.
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