Use extended access-lists to filter BGP updates

If you want to match IP address as well as the subnet mask of a BGP route, you can use extended IP access-lists to match both. The extended access-lists can be used in neighbor distribute-list in/out router configuration command or in a match ip address command within a route-map.

When I've included a few slides on this feature in the first BGP course I've developed for Cisco (that was probably somewhere around 1994), the results in the class were always the same: total confusion that needed an hour of whiteboard examples to dissolve. You can find a few examples that will help you understand this arcane feature in a post written by Brian Dennis.

The use of extended IP ACL as a route matching mechanism was made obsolete by the ip prefix-list command, which was introduced in 12.0T. As 12.0T reached End-of-Engineering in the previous millennium, it's a safe bet that the only place where you might still be required to use extended ACLs to match IP routes is in the CCIE lab.


  1. The extended access list provides some value over prefix lists as it shows a running match count, whereas prefix lists don't.
  2. ^^
    have you tried "sho ip prefix-list detail" to check the hits?
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