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Use EEM to respond to ERM events

In a previous post, I've described how you can detect high CPU load with the Embedded Resource Manager (ERM). If you want to respond to these events, you could use the syslog event detector within EEM, but it's more reliable to use the new event resource detector available in EEM version 2.2 (introduced in IOS release 12.4(2)T). The resource detector is best used in Tcl policy; if you use it in EEM applet, the same applet is triggered every time a resource policy threshold (minor/major/critical, rising or falling) is crossed. Within the EEM applet it's almost impossible to detect which threshold was crossed.

However, even EEM applet could solve some immediate problems. For example, if you want to store a snapshot of processes on a TFTP server every time the global CPU load crosses a policy threshold, you could use the following applet:
event manager applet ReportHighCPU
 event resource policy "HighGlobalCPU"
 action 1.0 cli command "show process cpu sorted 5sec | redirect tftp://$_resource_time_sent.txt"

To differentiate the snapshots, I've appended the _resource_time_sent variable set by the EEM before the applet is started to the file name, guaranteeing that the snapshot files will have unique names (at least until the router reload).

As an alternative, you could send the show process output in an e-mail:
event manager environment _ifDown_rcpt [email protected]
event manager applet ReportHighCPU
 event resource policy "HighGlobalCPU"
 action 1.0 cli command "show process cpu sorted 5sec"
 action 1.1 info type routername
 action 2.0 mail server "mail-gw" →
    to "$_ifDown_rcpt" from "[email protected]" →
    subject "CPU @ $_resource_current_value" →
    body "$_cli_result"

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