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Display the names of the configured route-maps

I'm probably getting old … I keep forgetting the exact names (and capitalization) of route-maps I've configured on the router. The show route-maps command is way too verbose when I'm simply looking for the exact name of the route-map I want to use, so I wrote a Tcl script that displays the names of the route-maps configured on the router. If you add a -d switch, it also displays their descriptions (to be more precise, the first description configured in the route-map).

When using the -d switch, the script executes the show running command and might take a while to complete.

To use the script, download the routeMaps.tcl file (available from my web site) into the router's flash and follow the installation instructions in the source.

Here is a sample printout from one of my routers:
R1#show alias | include rm

  rm tclsh flash:routeMaps.tcl
R1#rm -d
Route map name Description
SetCommunity Sets time-based communities on local routes
You can find more Tclsh-related information in the Tclsh on Cisco IOS tutorial. Sample Tclsh scripts are available in the Tclsh script library. If you need expert help in planning, developing or deploying Tclsh scripts in your network, contact the author.


  1. Thanks a lot. That is a great script that I'll load in my routers soon. I have the same problem myself ... ;-)
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