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Hyperlinked RFCs

If you're too young to remember the days of IBM mainframes, punched cards and 132-column printouts, you could get a feeling for what we had to cope with by looking at the original RFC texts. Even the latest RFCs are published in text-only fixed-font format with no extra formatting, making it a nightmare to quote a section of the RFC in a post or an article (not to mention the very real danger of falling asleep just by looking at an RFC).

A variety of third-party web sites have tried to fill the gap by providing RFCs in hyperlinked or PDF format. I've tried a few of them and usually got turned away by inconsistent or broken links.

Finally, IETF recognized that we live in the third millenium and started offering IETF documents (including RFCs) with HTML markup. To get hyperlinked versions of the RFCs, go to IETF tools web site and enter RFC number or use Google to search the IETF repository.


  1. Finally!!! They must have hired some new younger people over there or those older punch card guys finally retired :-) ... Sure beats the method I had been using which was to use FTP in my broswer then take a guess at which was the right one:
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