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DHCP conflict between a Cisco router and Windows DHCP server

In a response to my post Redundant DHCP Server I've speculated that a Cisco router should coexist with a Windows-based DHCP server if you configure them with non-overlapping address ranges. I was wrong, Edgar Cahuana discovered that Microsoft's DHCP server wants to have complete control over the LAN it's serving and shuts down if it detects another DHCP server on the same LAN.

To make the two DHCP servers coexist, you have to disable rogue DHCP server detection in Windows DHCP server, as explained in this article.

The difference between rogue server detection in Windows 2000/2003 and SBS 2003 is explained in this TechNet chat.


  1. s/rouge/rogue/g :-)
  2. Fixed. Thanks. You've also enhanced my language skills; I had no idea a french color is also a valid english word :)) ... which is why the spell-checker did not complain.
  3. I believe this is only true for SBS. Non SBS versions can co-exist with other DHCP servers - David
  4. So is this t I find any info on how to disable the DHCP server in my 880 Cisco
    beecause you can't disable the DHCP in the Cisco ISO
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