Advertising Public IP Prefixes into the Internet

The routing information you source into the public Internet with BGP should be as accurate and stable as possible. The best way to achieve this goal is to statically configure the IP prefixes you’ve been allocated on your core routers and advertise them into BGP:

  • BGP will only advertise an IP prefix if a matching entry is found in the IP routing table. To ensure the IP prefix you want to advertise is always present, configure an IP static route to null interface, unless you're advertising a connected interface (example: Internet edge router on a DMZ segment).
  • Most public IP prefixes advertised today do not fall on the classful network boundary. To advertise a classless prefix, you have to configure the prefix and the mask in the BGP routing process.

Important: In large networks you should advertise your IP prefixes from your core routers, not from the edges of your network. If an edge router loses its link to the network core but still advertises your IP address space, all the traffic attracted by it will be blackholed. In enterprise networks using BGP for Internet multihoming, it might be safe to advertise directly connected interfaces on Internet edge routers.

You can set additional BGP attributes on the IP prefix you’re advertising with a route-map attached to the network statement. For example, the following configuration could be used on one of your core routers to advertise IP prefix and attach a BGP community to it:

ip route Null0
router bgp 65001
 network mask route-map SetCommunity
route-map SetCommunity permit 10
 set community 65001:101 additive

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  1. why not use an aggregate-address under BGP?

    aggregate-address x.x.x.x summary-only

    summary only will keep the more specific contributing routes from getting advertised.
  2. If you already have more specific routes in the BGP table, aggregate-address command might not be a bad option. Without more specific routes, it will not generate the desired summary prefix.

    If you don't have more specific routes, then it's simpler to use my solution than to insert a more specific route into the BGP table and generate a summary based on it.
  3. Thanks you very much for this useful post!!!!!!!!!
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