One-line extended ping

Hard-core IOS oldtimers could probably remember the sequence of parameters in the extended IP ping dialog even when woken up in the middle of the night. However, another venerable tradition has been made obsolete in one of the IOS 12.x releases: the ping command now accepts parameters like data, repeat, size, timeout or source.

For example, to send 500 long pings with data pattern 0000 to, you could use the ping ip data 0000 repeat 500 size 18000 validate command.


  1. How to add TOS value in the "one0line extedned ping" ?
  2. Hi Ivan!

    I've been researching some stuff about extended ping and I hope you can help in clarifying or leading me to the right direction on this.

    Am I correct with what I ahve so far on the data paterns?

    Means line cant handle an all zero's. If this test fails it usually means a telco line coding mismatch (ami versus b8zs)


    0x4040 pattern can also be used (any pattern with seven consecutive zeros eg 0x1010, 0x8080 etc) to find marginal telco circuits.

    I've also used 0xffff in some of my tests and usually no failures. Will this show if a telco Repeater is failing?

  3. The all-zero and seven-zero patterns are definitely useful. You cannot put more than five consecutive ones on the line due to zero insertion.
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