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More command works as hex dump if needed

The more command display the specified file as a hex dump if the contents don't look like a text file. In my example, it didn't like the CR/LF pairs in the Autorun.inf file written on an USB token by a Windows PC, but you could also dump an IOS image or a tar archive used by SDM (or other web-based applications). To force the display format, use the /ascii, /binary or /ebcdic (for IBM/SNA gurus) parameters. Cool feature ... IOS is obviously full of hidden gems :)

router#more usbflash1:Autorun.inf
00000000: 5B617574 6F72756E 5D0D0A6F 70656E3D [aut orun ]..o pen=
00000010: 496E7374 616C6C65 722E6578 650D0A69 Inst alle r.ex e..i
00000020: 636F6E3D 496E7374 616C6C65 722E6578 con= Inst alle r.ex
00000030: 650D0A41 6374696F 6E3D4C61 756E6368 e..A ctio n=La unch
00000040: 20496E73 74616C6C 65722066 6F722047 Ins tall er f or G
00000050: 6F6F676C 65204170 706C6963 6174696F oogl e Ap plic atio

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