BGP Labs: Stop the Fat-Finger Incidents

Last time, we discussed the first line of defense against fat finger incidents: limiting the number of BGP prefixes your router accepts from a BGP neighbor. However, you can do much more without deploying customer-specific filters (which might require a customer database) or ROV/RPKI.

You can practice the default filters you should always deploy on EBGP sessions with your customers in the Stop the Propagation of Configuration Errors lab exercise.

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  1. You categorized it as a challenge. Will you also publish solutions for your challenges?

    1. Where's the fun in that? The lab has a Verification section to help you check whether you filtered out all the unwanted prefixes.

    2. Maybe something along these lines (done with FRR):

      hostname rtr
      router bgp 65000
       neighbor peer-group CUSTOMER
       neighbor peer-group CUSTOMER
       address-family ipv4 unicast
        neighbor CUSTOMER maximum-prefix 5
        neighbor CUSTOMER route-map CUSTOMER_IN in
      ip prefix-list MORE_SPECIFIC_PREFIXES seq 5 permit ge 25 le 32
      ip prefix-list LESS_SPECIFIC_PREFIXES seq 5 permit ge 0 le 15
      ip prefix-list RFC_1918 seq 5 permit ge 8 le 32
      ip prefix-list RFC_1918 seq 10 permit ge 16 le 32
      ip prefix-list RFC_1918 seq 15 permit ge 12 le 32
      ip prefix-list RFC_1918 seq 20 permit ge 16 le 32
      bgp as-path access-list MORE_THAN_FIVE_AS_PREPEND permit ([0-9]+)_\1_\1_\1_\1_\1_
      bgp as-path access-list MORE_THAN_ONE_AS permit [0-9]+_[0-9]+
      route-map CUSTOMER_IN deny 10
       match ip address prefix-list RFC_1918
      route-map CUSTOMER_IN deny 20
       match ip address prefix-list MORE_SPECIFIC_PREFIXES
      route-map CUSTOMER_IN deny 30
       match ip address prefix-list LESS_SPECIFIC_PREFIXES
      route-map CUSTOMER_IN deny 40
       match as-path MORE_THAN_ONE_AS
      route-map CUSTOMER_IN deny 50
       match as-path MORE_THAN_FIVE_AS_PREPEND
      route-map CUSTOMER_IN permit 100

      I couldn't get the AS prepend regex working with FRR 🤷‍♂️

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