Last Week on (2019W11)

TL&DR: We ran two workshops in Zurich last week – a quick peek into using Ansible for network automation and updated Building Private Cloud Infrastructure. You can access workshop materials with any paid subscription.

Now for the fun part…

As always, the workshops were a boutique event. We usually get around a dozen attendees, resulting in a cozy atmosphere where we could discuss real-life challenges and solve at least a few pressing problems. As always, the attendees were keen on squeezing the most out of the day and asked tons of really interesting questions – expect to see a series of blog posts based on the discussions we had over lunch and the evening beer.

Couldn’t make it? No worries – the next one (focusing on Azure networking) will be in June, and we’ll run at least two more in early September and late November. The save-the-date emails will go out pretty soon, and who knows, maybe the stars will align and you’ll be able to combine a vacation in Europe with a workshop in Switzerland like an attendee from New Zealand managed to do.

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