Upcoming Webinars: June 2018 and Beyond

Wow. Where did the spring 2018 go? It’s almost June… and time for a refreshed list of upcoming webinars:

We already planned the September 2018 webinars. We’ll start with an SD-WAN Overview on September 4th, and do a technical deep dive into VMware NSX on September 11th.

All you need to have to attend live webinar sessions is a current ipSpace.net webinar subscription.


  1. Is there a list of webinars from 2018? How many webinars will follow in 2018?
    1. http://www.ipspace.net/Webinars#Recent_webinars - there are no dates on the list, but IIRC, we started with "Intent-Based Networking and Data Models".

      We plan to have 2-3 webinar sessions per month for September - November, maybe another one in December. Right now the event calendar is full till late November.
  2. What AWS certification, if any, will the Amazon Web Services Networking workshop prep for ?
    1. If you're looking for certification training you came to the wrong place. I stopped doing that more than 15 years ago.
  3. Hi Ivan,

    The Amazon Web Services Networking workshop would be available later as a webinar for the yearly subscription users?.


    1. That's the plan. No timing yet.
    2. Great.

      Thanks Ivan.
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