Upcoming ipSpace.net Events

In March 2018, we’ll continue the crazy content producing pace you’ve seen in January and February:
  • We’ll have the first part of NSX, ACI or EVPN webinar on March 1st. This session will cover the basics (don’t expect too many details), a follow-up session on April 24th with Mitja Robas will go into design considerations;
  • The EVPN Technical Deep Dive series with Dinesh Dutt starts on March 6th;
  • Elisa and Paolo will run the final part of Network Visibility with Flow Data on March 8th;
  • Last webinar in March: another installment in the leaf-and-spine saga – Multi-Pod and Multi-Site Fabrics with Lukas Krattiger on March 29th;
March is also the Troopers month. I’ll run a Hands-On Network Automation workshop there and have a motivational presentation during the main conference.

On April 19th we’ll have the first DIGS event in 2018, starting with introduction to SDDC and VMware NSX in the morning and NSX workshop in the afternoon.
More events in spring 2018:
  • Second EVPN session on April 5th;
  • Second NSX, ACI or EVPN session on April 24th;
  • Building Next-Generation Data Center course starting on April 25th with network complexity presentation by Russ White;
  • Using Chef for network automation on May 22nd;
  • Data Center Fabric Troubleshooting with Dinesh Dutt on June 19th.
All you need to get access to all webinar content I mentioned above is a current ipSpace.net webinar subscription.
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