Plans for 2017

With January 6th the Christmas/New Year holidays are over even for most European countries, so it’s time to restart my blog and set some goals for 2017.


2015 was year of SDN, 2016 was year of network automation, and 2017 is shaping up to be the year of the cloud.

I will definitely do an AWS Networking webinar and might do an OpenStack networking one (still not sure how to handle the thousand Neutron implementations out there). There will be a refresh of Cloud Computing Networking webinar and an add-on section to VXLAN webinar describing EVPN in more details.

Speaking of EVPN: I have the speakers lined up for a multi-vendor EVPN saga. I’ll start with an overview of the technology, and will have guest speakers talking about Juniper, Cisco and Cumulus implementations of EVPN. I doubt I’ll be able to get someone from Arista (or even want to try) – the last time the speaker got a gag order a week before the webinar, and I’m reluctant to go through the same experience again.

Two other webinars in dire need of a refresh are the DMVPN and DCI webinars. Hopefully I’ll find time to do that as well.

In other news, we’ll continue with network automation use cases, finish leaf-and-spine fabric designs, have a hands-on ACI talk, and do a webinars on right-sizing the networks and open networking.

You do know you can always see my pipeline in a Trello board, right?

Online courses

Online courses have been a huge success. The network automation one is starting in a few days, and the data center one on March 30th. There will be another network automation course in autumn, but I probably won’t have time to repeat the data center one this year – the March/April session is your only chance ;)

I will definitely figure out a way to give people interested in online courses an early access to the materials and some live support with an option to move to the interactive course when it’s announced. Details coming in summer timeframe.

Events and conferences

The Troopers organizers invited me to be at their 10th anniversary and I couldn’t possibly decline. I’ll talk about securing network automation solutions.

I promised Gabi Gerber a few years ago that I’d help her set up a Data Center Interest Group in Switzerland and so you’ll see me at 3-4 DIGS events in 2017 (the first one is in early April) and the Data Center/Cloud Day in May 2017.

All events I’m doing in Switzerland are combined with half-day workshops and we had attendees from all over Europe as well as US and Asia in 2016, so don’t hesitate to drop by. Zurich isn’t the cheapest city in the world, but it’s definitely worth visiting, and attendees usually love the workshops and afternoon events.

I got plenty of questions along the lines of “when is the next US event going to be” in 2016, so we’ll organize another 2-3 day workshop in US in late May or early June.

Finally, Tiziano Tofoni asked me to do another seminar in Rome, and it’s simply impossible to refuse his kind invitations – we’ll run a network automation event in mid-October.


  1. OpenStack and neutron networking is... interesting :) Worked on/with that for a couple of private cloud implementations last couple of years. And to top it off: I'm currently investigating neutron connectivity to our VXLAN EVPN physical network (leaf-spine fabric of course to tick all the right boxes :)
    If you like to exchange ideas, I'd be interested to hear in what directions you've been thinking.
    1. It would definitely be interesting to hear about your experience. Could you contact me via email (Contact link in the top menu bar)? Thank you!
    2. I've sent an email.
      Oh btw, talking about 'modern' scalable data center architecture & VXLAN EVPN: the latter doesn't support an IPv6 underlay. That is, I know Cisco and Cumulus don't support it. For one, no uniform configuration template by (ab)using link local addresses :(
    3. Got it, thank you... I'm in panic-the-course-is-starting-today mode, will get back to you sometime next week.

      As for "uniform configuration" - you can do it on Cumulus because they can exchange IPv4 routes over IPv6 BGP session (which runs over LLA). Details somewhere in my blog posts and free videos (and I think I did a podcast with Dinesh once).
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