The summer is here!

This week’s webinars were the last ones before the summer break. I definitely need one, the last weeks were crazy, but I’ve also learned a lot about DMVPN (the need to revisit “old truths” and figure out odd details is what makes preparing for the webinars real fun).

I’ve also noticed that some of have already started you summer vacations. Last week’s blog traffic was way below the usual levels (Cisco Live and Independence Day were only two of the reasons) and this week is still below the average. Obviously it’s time to shift to summer schedule – I’ll write only a few posts per week and try to keep the reading light and not too technical ... the kind of summer campfire stories you’d hear from the geekiest granduncle you could imagine.

Enjoy the summer (while it lasts), have a great time and try to visit some truly spectacular spots; the Dolomites are never a bad choice.

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