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The history of Cisco CLI

Terry Slattery took time (after 15 years) and wrote a short history of Cisco CLI. I've been involved with Cisco's software (it was remarketed as IOS in mid-nineties) for a few years and for me the CLI as we know it today was one of the best features introduced in IOS release 9.21 (I was ecstatic when I've got my hands on the first code during the beta tests). So now that I know who's responsible, I can only say “Thanks, Terry!”


  1. Terry is the man. I remembered attending his training class in September 1994 and he told me about these CLI enhancements (and yes he told me he was the lead engineer on this project). I personally found the on-line help the most critical feature made available to mankind :-) Remember, back then if you couldn't memorize all the parameters associated to a command you will have to look for the parameters in the paperback manuals (I counted at least six big books plus a little handbook). So whenever I went to a customer site to turn up a router I also carried the manuals with me just in case. Terry had saved my lower back :-)
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