Greg Ferro on Private and Public Clouds

Everyone talks about public or hybrid clouds, whitebox switching with home-grown networking operating system, or SDN nirvana, but whenever I talk with enterprise-focused architects, consultants or vendor SEs, I see a totally different story.

Here's a typical response I'm getting from engineers in this group: “I work with multinational financial customers, and in this group hybrid cloud is not even a topic. They do private cloud projects, with some of them looking into public cloud deployments of isolated projects on base AWS functionality.

I was planning to write a blog post about this phenomenon for a long time and now I won’t have to – Greg Ferro just published a great explanation of what we’re seeing out in the wild: big public cloud providers hyping their homegrown projects that have no relevance to enterprise IT (and that they wouldn’t share with anyone else anyway because they represent their secret sauce) to boost their visibility and recruiting, while (some) enterprises build down-to-earth solutions that nobody talks about.

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