New Design on

One of my readers sent me a polite email a while ago saying “your site is becoming like $majorVendor’s web site – every corner looks completely different based on when you made it

The worst part is that he was right, so I spent the last two weeks as a website janitor, mopping up broken markup, fixing CSS cracks, polishing old texts…

The results of fixing several hundred web pages: all the product descriptions were cleaned up, and the main web site got the new design that we started using on blog a while ago. Along the way I also fixed the roadmaps, and made the free content easier to identify in every roadmap.

I probably missed something, and although my lovely marketing lady spent hours checking every nook and cranny of the web site there might still be errors lurking on less-visited pages. If you notice them, please send me an email or write a comment.

Finally, we’re still working on missing bits and pieces including:

  • Our fantastic designers are still working on the new subscription page;
  • Including free presentations and videos in the list of free content (which will make the “free content” site mostly obsolete);
  • Streamlining a few too-awkward workflows like registrations for live webinar sessions.
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