Update: Arista Data Center Switches

In the past 5+ years I ran at least one Data Center Fabrics Update webinar per year to cover new hardware and software launched by data center switching vendors.

The rate of product and feature launches in data center switching market is slowing down, so I decided to insert the information on new hardware and software features launched in 2017 directly into the merged videos describing the progress various vendors made in the last years.

First in line: Arista EOS. You can access the videos if you bought the webinar recording in the past or if you have an active ipSpace.net subscription.


  1. Let´s talk about HPE:
    - HPE 5940 with e.g. 48x 10GbE + 6x 100GbE with Broadcom XGS Trident 2+ (with EVPN support)
    - HPE 5950 with e.g. 48x 25GbE + 8x 100GbE with Broadcom StrataXGS Tomahawk
    - HPE 5980 with e.g. 48x 10GbE + 6x 100GbE with Broadcom DNX Qumram MX+ and deep buffer
    1. I decided not to do updates on HPE switches this year. Looking from the outside, they can't decide whether to go with H3C or Altoline, and resell Arista in the meantime. Combine that with their ProCurve switches and they have four competing product lines. Which one do you want to bet on?
  2. I guess in Arista's case you'd have to update the videos to remove features like COPP and Hardware ACLs.
  3. Well, let´s think about HPE:
    - HP bought Compaq and dropped HP´s old servers. The current servers still have Compaq origins, I think?
    - HP bought Colubris Wifi (MSM) series, then H3C, then Aruba. They dropped Colubris, then H3C wifi devices. Now we have Aruba, solely.
    - HP once had "Procurve" switches, then bought H3C, then Aruba and now they have Arista and whitebox switches (Altoline). Procurve were renamed to Aruba but are still running ProcurveOS but include Aruba features. The new "Aruba 8400" has ArubaOS-CX. It´s modular and could replace the "old" 5400R ZL3 switches in some years.
    - Arista switches are pushed very hard by HPE. Each time that HPE gold partner talks with me nowadays he mentions Arista. There are hardly new H3C based switches. Well 12902E and HPE 5980. But if you look at H3C homepages those were mentioned in 2015 for the first time.
    - Arista datacenter switches are way more expensive than H3C based ones. So H3C has its position at HPE. But I think HPE will drop it one day in favor of Arista or what will be next bought by HPE.
    1. The same seems to be valid for HPE´s SAN products:

      1. There was HP´s "EVA" which is dead.
      Then HP bought 3PAR and renamed it to "StoreServ" which will be the next dead cow as they bought the next vendor: "Nimble", which seems the future. 3Par/StoreServ will probably be End of Sale within the next << 5 years. Let´s come back to this blog entry when this will happen. See you...
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