Pick a Topic for NSX Deep Dive Software Gone Wild Episode

Dmitri Kalintsev, one of the networking guys from VMware NSX team, has kindly agreed to do an NSX technical deep dive Software Gone Wild episode… and you have the opportunity to tell him what you’d like to hear. It’s as easy as writing a comment, and we’ll pick one of the most popular topics.

Do keep in mind that we plan to do a technical deep dive, and it has to fit within an hour or so or nobody will ever listen to it, so please keep your suggestions focused. “Troubleshooting NSX”, “NSX Design”, or “NSX versus ACI ” is not what we’re looking for ;)


  1. I would be interested to hear how VMware intend to create a consistent microsegmentation policy across both the physical and virtual estate in the datacentre. Presumably this would require partnerships with hardware networking vendors and/or release of their own network operating system. Is any of this on their roadmap?
  2. I would be interested to hear how NSX will complement (work with) the new features in vSphere 6.0? In addition does VMware have any plans to move the control of NSX's VXLAN functionality to BGP like the CISCO developer's are toying will for a long term DCI solution?
  3. I'd like to know how someone can get started on NSX or get the idea behind it..
    1. You would start here

    2. fantastic..Thank you
  4. I'd be interested to hear the details of the throughput/performance achieved, latency incurred (Especially relative to being done in hardware) and NSX host CPU/memory impacts of carrying out routing, firewall rule processing and VXLAN encapsulation/de-encapsulation in software on x86 tin?
    1. Sorry I should say it would not just be stating those facts I'd like to hear but for them to setup the technical deep dive being the description of the "how" they were achieved...
  5. Can I convert my current vSphere 5.5 environment which uses DVS to an NSX environment? Is there an upgrade path for the hypervisor?
    1. Sure - 5.5 with dvs is prereq. You need to get and deploy NSX and "migrate" dvs-portgroups to NSX logical-switches/virtual-wires/LIFs/... just takes some work. Been there, done that :)
  6. I would really like to hear success/fail stories. Did you build a mini-cloud out of whitebox/openstack? Did you purchase a vBlock? Did you choose NSX over ACI on your private cloud?

    Fantastic. Please share the business drivers and technical requirements that led you to those decisions. What were the adoption hurdles? Did your CIO simply pick your solution for you, or did you do a bakeoff between several vendors? Was cost the primary driver or was it features (such as automation)? Or the support model?

    Let's face it... we all talk to vendors and get their sales pitch. We all read tech blogs and news sites to get the latest emerging trends. Some of us talk to Gartner and other sites to get their opinions. But the community of network engineers is lacking a good way to share success/horror stories that would help other engineers who are about to go down that same path.

  7. Deep debugging. More debugging. Then maybe some debugging. If you have this in production you will need this trust me.
  8. Would be nice to hear experiences with the following (hopefully it's described clearly enough:):
    1) How to build vSphere/NSX environment with least L2 (i.e. most L3) connectivity i.e. ESXi VTEPs in own subnets, Vmotion, mgmt, ...
    2) how to do NSX to physical routing using BGP with multuple edge routers (i.e. traffic engineering/route selection influecing) + connected route redist vs. advertising networks
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