Finally: a Virtual Switch Supports BPDU Guard

Nexus 1000V release 5.2(1)SV3(1.1) was published on August 22nd (I’m positive that has nothing to do with VMworld starting tomorrow) and I found this gem in the release notes:

Enabling BPDU guard causes the Cisco Nexus 1000V to detect these spurious BPDUs and shut down the virtual machine adapters (the origination BPDUs), thereby avoiding loops.

It took them almost three years, but we finally have BPDU guard on a layer-2 virtual switch (why does it matter). Nice!


  1. Additionally there is BGP Control Plane support (only 8 VSMs it looks like) -- release notes are a bit light on details, but could be interesting to see how it works to see if its viable at higher scale for larger deployments and deployments in hardware/software mix. There also is storm control support finally (it was promised in this release months ago but obviously the software was never released until recently). Could be interesting as a way to rate limit BUM traffic within a bridge-domain... interesting implications if BUM traffic ceases to be a 'problem'.
  2. Interesting! I would like to say "about time", but that has long since past!
  3. Note that BPDU guard on Nexus 1000V does require the advanced license and isn't on the free Standard license.
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