Security and SDN

I don’t think it would be too hard to guess the topic of my talk at the recent Troopers conference: SDN was the obvious choice, and the presentation simply had to include security aspects of SDN.

TL&DR summary: We know how to do it. We also know it's not simple.

Good news: securing an SDN solution is no different from securing any other controller-based platform (ranging from Frame Relay to wireless controllers), so we’re well aware what the potential attack surfaces are and how to protect them (and so are the bad guys, which the bad news part of the story).

No too many people are familiar with the non-hyped reality of SDN, so I had to include “what is SDN” and “what is OpenFlow” sections; you’d be better off watching relevant videos from my SDN, NFV and OpenFlow for Skeptics webinar.

Finally, I included a section describing a few security-related solutions (network monitoring, tap aggregation and scale-out IDS); yet again, you’ll get more information in the videos from Real Life OpenFlow-based SDN Use Cases webinar.

Slide deck is already on my web site; the video will be published in a few weeks. Enjoy!


  1. Never had any customers mention the attack surface of WLAN controllers. This has me thinking of bringing down a lot of wireless networks. Maybe because it's "just wireless."

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