Upcoming ipSpace.net Events

2018 has barely started and we’re already crazily busy:

The last week of January is Cisco Live Europe week. I’ll be there as part of the Tech Field Day Extra event – drop by or send me an email if you’ll be in Barcelona during that week.

On February 6th we’ll have David Barroso talking about network device state validation with NAPALM and how you can use that functionality to validate the results of your Ansible playbook runs. A week later the Building Network Automation Solutions course starts with a guest presentation by Mark Prior.

Further events in 2018 include:


  1. Hey Ivan,

    Thanks for taking time to talk about Intent Based Networking. Based on a bit of quick study, I sorted out few questions and would be thankful if you along with Guest can address few of those during event.


    Deepak Arora
    Evil CCIE
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