Promises Gone Wild

I got several interesting replies to my automation and orchestration blog post. Some of them were so far in the land of alternate definitions that they were literally off the charts. Here’s one of the best I got in that category:

Orchestration is a group of agents that promise to behave in a certain way. These agents are not necessarily centrally managed entities.

We assume there exists a group of agents with distributed information and autonomous ability to decide/think. Their initial state of system has unknown intentions.

Therefore, things are set up as agreements. Their behavior is a cooperative operation that could be seen as a single organism. Agents can be anything, humans, or can be programmable entities, that need to be programmed to keep promises. Orchestration is a voluntary cooperation of agents.

Even a computer follows instructions because it was constructed to do so. Like in the nature those functions are not centrally orchestrated, they act like organisms that interact with each other in the form or promises.

Agents cooperate by making all the promises necessary to collectively succeed. We are dealing here with the way how nature, as a framework deals with uncertainty. Software in IT is here for example a proxy for human intent and keeps promises on our behalf.

Next time you’re buying an orchestration system check out how well it adheres to this definition and let me know, will you?


  1. I'll have what he's having
  2. Don't laugh, this guy will get a ton of VC funding with language like that...
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  3. I want to know what these folks smoke when they come up with these ideas
  4. Sounds like someone heavily influenced by Mark Burgess and promise theory. It's actually some really interesting stuff academically. Still trying to grok how it fits into my mental model.
    1. ...and the first actually thoughtful response that isn't pretentious nonsense...
      -- Chris J. Cooper, posting as anonymous due to laziness woth remembering login info...
  5. I will only quote Einstein here ... "You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother."...Nowadays Gibberish and jargon are considered Intellectual dialogue and we lose simplicity of explanation. The above definition of Orchestration is way too off for me to make any sense of it.
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