Sample Network Automation Ansible Playbooks

I developed over a dozen different Ansible-based network automation solutions in the last two years for my network automation workshops and online course, and always published them on GitHub… but never built an index, or explained what they do, and why I decided to do things that way.

With the new functionality I added for online courses I got the hooks I needed to make the first part happen: explore my sample playbooks going from very simple ones (collect SSH keys or device configurations) to full-blown configure-deploy-validate examples.

I already described some of these playbooks in more details in the Building Network Automation Solutions course and during the June Automate Everything workshop, and I’ll be adding more video explanations to the Sample Playbooks section of the Ansible for Networking Engineers online course during the summer.

Also, expect a whole new series of playbooks in early September when we’ll start the second Building Network Automation Solutions online course. In the January one we developed a VLAN provisioning solution, in the September one we’ll work on Internet access service (unless the attendees tell me they’d like me to work on something else – I’m always flexible).

Speaking of the September online course: there are only a few early-bird tickets left, so register ASAP.

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  1. Pretty good examples, thank you for sharing it!

    There is a little error in " ansible-examples/Config-to-Git/getandcommit.yml", the comment doesnt reflect to the actual command.

    comment: "Get configuration from managed hosts using "show running" command"

    command: "- include: gc_scp.yml"
    1. Agreed. Why don't you submit a pull request? ;)
    2. I don't have github account yet, but next time I will do it :)
    3. Excuses... ;) Changed the comment.
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