Webinars in This Week

The spring craziness is still in full swing – we’ll have three webinars this week (a first) and I was so busy I didn’t even have time to write about them. Let’s fix that.

Data Center Updates on Monday is the second part of server virtualization, virtual machines and containers update to Data Center 3.0 webinar. We covered virtual machines in the last session (April 25th), this time we’ll talk about containers.

David Barroso (now at Fastly) will talk about NAPALM in Ansible on Tuesday. His webinar is part of the Ansible for Networking Engineers webinar and will focus on NAPALM-within-Ansible. Make sure you go through the introductory parts of that webinar before the live session.

Shawn Zandi (LinkedIn) will talk about single-SKU data center networks in the second part of the Open Networking for Large-Scale Networks webinar. Yet again, I’d recommend you watch the first part of the webinar covering whitebox switching, disaggregation, and network operating systems before attending the sessions.

Long-time users know how the ipSpace.net webinars work, for everyone else here are a few more details:

  • When you register for an update session or any session of a multi-session webinar you get access to past recordings immediately after registration. Usually it makes sense to watch them before the live session.
  • ipSpace.net subscription gives you access to all ipSpace.net webinars (currently almost 170 hours of content) and unlimited live sessions.
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