Yet Another Network Automation Journey

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This article was written by Anne Baretta, network architect at Falco Networks.

After dabbling with Ansible for the generation of device configurations based on templates, and some simple playbooks a while ago, I was fortunate enough to have a brief period in which I had some time to spend on the Network Automation online course. While working on the course assignments, I immediately started to apply the newly acquired skills in my daytime job.

The idea was to see if I could integrate Ansible into the organization- and business processes to the point where it would become an indispensable tool, a tool worth maintaining by others after I moved on to the next job. And of course, to have fun while finding out.

And indeed, while the projects discussed in this article are a never-ending work-in-progress, they have so far resulted in several useful applications which are finding their way into daily routines. More importantly, they have opened up endless possibilities for future projects and initiatives. So if you haven’t started your automation journey yet, get started now 😉.

This article is an account of how to get started with network automation, and some common use cases. You can reach Anne via LinkedIn.