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Most networking-focused Ansible examples or blog posts focus on basic proof-of-concept examples. We tried to collect more comprehensive solutions and articles that would help you become proficient in Ansible, and figure out how to best use Ansible in your first production-grade network automation solution: content

David Barroso

The best way to get better with any tool is to learn from the masters, and David (one of the most popular speakers in the Network Automation course is an open-source network automation legend. Not only is he one of the authors of NAPALM, napalm-validate, napalm-yang and Nornir, he’s also sharing a wide range of network-focused Ansible playbooks:

Khelil Sator

Khelil Sator is a Consulting Engineer working for Juniper Networks. You’ll find interesting Junos-related tricks in his Ansible playbooks (but also a few things that you can apply to any network, so explore them regardless of what platform you’re using).

Bradley Thornton

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