Easy deployment of IPv6 content

During the last Google IPv6 Implementors Conference Donn Lee from Facebook showed how easy it is to make your content available over IPv6 and LISP ... if you happen to have the right load balancer that supports IPv6 (to view his presentation, click the slides link next to his name in the conference agenda). I would say all the excuses why your content cannot be possibly made available over IPv6 are gone (and one can only hope that a certain vendor I’m often mentioning will finally realize IPv6 is needed on more boxes than just routers and switches).

Hat tip to Andrej Kobal who sent me the link to the FB presentation.


  1. Second link in the article is broken :'(

  2. Is the LISP code is available in Cisco?

    Shivlu Jain

  3. Ivan Pepelnjak27 June, 2010 17:56



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