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Gaining Knowledge - what’s the best way to do it?

The “Certifications/Experience/Knowledge” posts by Greg Ferro reminded me of the ages-old question: “What's the best way to gain knowledge?” Once I read an excellent opinion arguing that the classroom training is nothing else than (fancier) learning-by-the-campfire method ingrained in our genes, but since ancient civilizations invented writing, some of us prefer reading over listening ... but your preferences might be completely different. I've summarized my personal view on this subject in the “Gaining Knowledge - what’s the best way to do it?” article I wrote in NIL's blog.

Read more in Fragments, the official NIL blog.


  1. Hmm Ivan well what about someone like me, a single person.

    Is it possible to have specific training geared for one person? I doubt but I thought I would still ask.

  2. Excellent question Roger, thank you!

    Specific training geared for one person is possible, all you would need is to select most suitable learning method for you.

    Of course an ILT for one person would probably be quite exclusive solution, on the other hand there are many types of learning options to suit your specific needs.

    Please do not hesitate to contact NIL Learning and Consulting Services for additional information. Looking forward to hear from you!


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