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Network Monitoring with OpenFlow

You know how hard it is to get the network traffic statistics: interface counters are too coarse, Netflow records are too granular, Sflow is sampling… life is hard for network monitoring Goldilocks.

In the Network Monitoring video (part of Real-Life OpenFlow Use Cases webinar) I explained an interesting alternative: you could get (hardware permitting) traffic counters with ever OpenFlow flow entry, resulting in any granularity you need.

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  1. Ivan, I enjoyed the video and use cases. However, OpenFlow has issues as a network monitoring technology when you try to scale up the solutions. The use of sampling makes sFlow extremely scaleability and provides low-latency measurements that are complementary to OpenFlow's ability to capture specific flows and apply active controls. Combining the two technologies lets you build extremely scaleable SDN traffic monitoring and control systems.

    The following talk describes the challenges of building measurement driven SDN solutions and discusses a number of use cases:


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