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EIBGP Load Balancing

The next small step in my MPLS/VPN update project: EIBGP load balancing – why is it useful, how it works, why can’t you use it without full-blown MPLS/VPN, and what the alternatives are.


  1. For a simple loadbalancing setup on customer site, I took two Cisco switches with default outgoing routes, BGP max-path 2, MED 50:50, cheap inbound and outbound "load balancing", so they could use both of their links to one AS.

  2. I think what you presented was quite neat. (Just got to love MPLS!)

    All though I would still suggest using simpler topologies and overriding the "external BGP" winning "internal BGP" routes with setting local preference for some to incoming prefixes from the "WAN". Then you can have simple iBGP between the two CE routers and external BGP peer towards the operator(s).

    ... at least for me this makes the most sense.


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