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Data Center Fabric Architectures update#1

Two months ago I wrote the Data Center Fabric Architectures post jokingly defining Borg and Big Brother architectures. In the meantime, a number of vendors have launched (or announced) their fabric products and the post badly needed an update.

I decided to move the updated text to my main web site (where it will be easier to edit), wrote an introductory section, removed a few tongue-in-cheek comments (after all, it’s time to get serious if Cisco’s Data Center blog links to your article) and added numerous links to in-depth articles and examples of individual architectures.

So, without further ado, here’s the Revision 2 of the Data Center Fabric Architectures.

I plan to add two more architectures, reword the Big Brother one and add more in-depth OpenFlow-related information during the next few weeks.

As always, please leave a comment if I made a mistake or missed a product (try to limit yourself to things that are reasonably close to general availability).

1 comment:

  1. Anton Marchenko25 May, 2011 09:02

    Technically speaking you can combine different models of Cisco 3750's (3750, 3750-X or 3750-E with different port options and density) into one stack. Also you can have mixed software stack with switches having different feature sets.


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