Workaround: track the actual IP routing status of an interface

In a previous post, I've described how the track interface ip routing command reports incorrect interface state if you use IP Event Dampening feature. To track the actual IP routing readiness of an interface, you could use the following workaround:

  • Create a static IP route pointing to the interface you want to test. Make sure this route is not redistributed into any routing protocols.
  • Track the reachability of the static route
For example, to track the IP routing status of the Serial0/1/0 interface on which the dampening is configured, use the following configuration:
interface Serial0/1/0
dampening 30
ip route Serial0/1/0
track 1 ip route reachability

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  1. Cat3750 code 12.2(37)SE supports rtr with tracking right on the route statement:

    ip route track 10


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