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Expert Beginners

Erik Dietrich obviously hates the self-proclaimed (usually clueless) “experts” – he devoted a whole series of blog posts to them:

I’m positive you know at least a few people that would match his descriptions. Enjoy!


  1. Hahaha! Sadly, this does not only apply to developers. In this day and age, our industry is inundated with people who do infinitely more blogging/talking than actual technical work.

  2. I think I might have a reverse case here. I'm never 100% sure about anything. Even about solutions I've deployed yesterday.

  3. The "Expert Beginner" seems to be, at the core, someone who lacks introspection. I'll bet that Introverts are the least likely of all to become an Expert Beginner.

  4. There's another nickname for such specimens - armchair experts ;)

    1. Not sure I agree with that. I would use "armchair expert" for someone who has no hands-on experience, whereas Expert Beginners have plenty of hands-on experience, but no depth of knowledge/understanding.

  5. "The trouble with this world is that the idiots are so sure of themselves and the sensible so full of doubts." ~~Bertrand Russell


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