Over a million page views

Two weeks ago Douglas Crockford wrote that his blog generated more than a million page views. Since he's an icon in the mainstream Web industry with his own Wikipedia listing, I simply had to check how my blog compares to that. Not bad, StatCounter.com claims I had 1.2 million page loads in two and a half years.

If you'll remain as loyal readers as you've been in the first three months of this year, we'll probably reach the million-a-year mark in 2009.


  1. Good job! I mean with the quality content that you have here I would expect such numbers :)
    I hope that I'll get so many visitors some day!
    Good luck!

  2. Well done, Ivan.
    You are the best Cisco blogger out there!

  3. Congrats Ivan,

    You provide the most unique and interesting Cisco related blog I track. Thank you for the in-depth content.

  4. Simply aMazing!

    Keep it coming, Ivan!


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