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Can brain dumps be stopped?

Last year Cisco finally decided to crack down on the major issues that allowed certification candidates to cheat on the certification exams. On top of numerous sensible measures that should have been implemented decades ago (living in central Europe, one cannot comprehend that the testing center does not verify your identity using a hard-to-spoof government-issued document), Cisco also decided to implement Forensic Security for certification exams. The geek hidden (not-so-very)deep inside every engineer should be delighted by this idea, but there is a simpler (and probably more effective) approach.

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  1. Here in Oz we've had identity checks when going for exams forever. In the last few years they've even started taking photos and submitting them back to Cisco to ensure the same person takes the exam each time. And at one point they were even taking fingerprints but they didn't do that the last couple of times I did my recert.

  2. That is all great, but how do you beat the Pass4Sure and Test King babies. It isn't like you have to have someone take a test for you if you know every question and answer that you will be given.

    They should have 5 or 6 simulators on every exam that are pulled from a pool of 100. The simulators should be scored separately and if you get less than 60% on the "written" portion or the "simulator" portion then you fail the whole exam.

    Let them TestKing or Pass4Sure a pool of 100 sims. By the time they memorize all that they might actually know something anyways!!!

  3. @Josh: Let them TestKing 5000 questions :) By the time someone manages to memorize 5000 Q&A pairs, he might actually know a bit :))

  4. Amen to that 5000 questions per exam minimum - hell reword the question 10 ways if you have to, you'll get a higher qualified person as result.

    Darby Weaver

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