Upcoming Workshops: NSX, ACI, VXLAN, EVPN, DCI and More

I’m running two workshops in Zurich in the next 10 days:

I published the slide deck for the NSX versus ACI workshop a few days ago (and you can already download it if you have a paid ipSpace.net subscription) and it’s full of new goodness like ACI vPod, multi-pod ACI, multi-site ACI, ACI-on-AWS, and multi-site NSX-V and NSX-T.


  1. Great update. Thank you for that!

    Not sure if the right place (comment in blog), considering the limited (to subscribers) access to the material, but I'd be interested in the followings:
    - Cisco Cloud ACI on AWS - is the Cloud APIC integration into Infra VPC same if using Outposts? Or is there another method?
    - Care to elaborate on the "taboo" and "future" labels, also in the Cisco ACI - AWS areas of your material?
    1. In principle (but I'd have to check the details), Outposts external connectivity is similar to AWS region external connectivity, and in case of ACI-on-AWS they rely just on having IP connectivity between ACI spine switches and CSR1K in Infra VPC... so I wouldn't expect anything to change.

      Taboo contracts: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/aci/apic/sw/1-x/Operating_ACI/guide/b_Cisco_Operating_ACI/b_Cisco_Operating_ACI_chapter_01000.html#concept_4988E5E9E2EC4A16B696D22B36A6174F

      Future: coming in a future ACI release (according to their documentation).
    2. Thank you for clarification. Misunderstood the placement of "future" in the AWS column as being "future for AWS" :-)
  2. Hey Ivan, any plans to make these workshops available in self paced format to people with annual subscription ?
    1. Sure. The slide decks are already available, plan to do the updates NSX/ACI webinar sometime in April/May 2020.
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