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Upcoming Events and Webinars (October 2019)

The autumn 2019 webinar season is in full swing ;) We’re almost done with Azure Networking webinar (the last session will take place on October 10th) and the network automation course is nicely chugging along – a few weeks ago Matthias Luft talked about supply-chain security in open-source software and today we’ll enjoy the start with a single source of truth presentation by Damien Garros.

Dinesh Dutt is coming back on October 8th with another installment of EVPN saga, this time focused on running EVPN on Linux hosts, and on October 22nd Donald Sharp will tell us all about the underlying magic box – the Free Range Routing software.

But there are even more open-source goodies waiting for you: on October 15th we’ll have Pete Lumbis describing the new features Cumulus Linux got in the last year, including AutoBGP and AutoMLAG.

Most everything I mentioned above apart is accessible with Standard Subscription, and you’ll need Expert Subscription to enjoy the automation course contents.

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