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First-hand Feedback: Network Automation Course

Daniel Teycheney attended the Spring 2019 Building Network Automation Solutions online course and sent me this feedback after completing it (and creating some interesting real-life solutions on the way):

I spent a bit of time the other day reflecting on how much I’ve learn’t from the course in terms of technical skills and the amount I’ve learned has been great. I literally no idea about things like Git, Jinja2, CI testing, reading YAML files and had only briefly seen Ansible before.

I’m not an expert now, but I understand these things and have real practical experience on these subjects which has given me great confidence to push on and keep getting better.

There is so much content, of such high quality available from the course and I plan to keep coming back and touch up on areas when need be.

The quality of speakers that were available on the course was staggering. They were operating on a different level to myself, but I hold aspirations for getting there one day. Some of the presentations completely blew my mind and you don’t get these experiences without enrolling in this course.

Finally, I really enjoyed getting personal feedback from yourself on my assignments and things that I could improve. Getting access to you with all your experience reviewing the assignments was a real help and a real feature of my experience.

Thanks again for providing this course and I will be recommending it to others who are interested in network automation.

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