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Update: Automatic EVPN Route Targets in EBGP Environments

After I posted the EVPN Route Target Considerations section of BGP in Data Center Fabrics document Lukas Krattiger pointed out another option available with Cisco Nexus-OS: it can rewrite ASN portion of EVPN Route Target in incoming EBGP updates. Updated version of the affected section is already online.

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  1. Thanks for the update. So interoperability between vendors would still be a dream? Or is it on purpose?

    1. Regardless of the sanity of trying to build a multi-vendor fabrics (let's not go there), EVPN seems to be pretty solid when it comes to L2-only forwarding in simple environments (IGP + IBGP). L3 is still a bit murky (asymmetric versus symmetric), as is multi-fabric behavior (changing next hops on fabric edge).

      The true "beauties" start when vendors try to persuade you to use "interesting" designs like running IBGP over EBGP for no good reason (apart from lock-in).

    2. Actually it works (depending on which IRB methods / evpn prefix adv the vendors support, like Ivan said). See interops test result from the MPLS Forum (2017) :

      Here is the latest that happened 1 month ago :

      I tested in my lab interoperability between Arista & Cisco 9K just for fun (no reason to mix leaf/spine from different vendors I agree :) )


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