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You might have noticed that my blog looks a bit different than it did a few hours ago thanks to fantastic work by Nils & Mathias from Strandrover.Agency (and a bit of homegrown blogger template hacking). We tested all functionality we could think of, if we missed something, please write a comment (they still work ;).

When reporting a problem, please tell me what browser (and browser version) you're using and whether you're using a web proxy (like Cisco Web Security Appliance).


  1. It's, uh, perhaps a bit broken at the moment. Should all the icons be massive? And white background, basic serif fonts, blue underlined links?
    1. You must be using an old browser or an old proxy that cannot handle HTTPS algorithms used by CloudFlare. A few years back I considered that a showstopper, and decided not to have TLS on Now it's 2017...
    2. Tried to solve the problem, but there's nothing I can do if your browser or proxy doesn't work with ECDSA certificates. The only thing I could do was to make it suck less by hiding massive icons and adding a line saying "CSS failed to load..." Thanks again for reporting this one!
  2. Looks really nice! Good job :)
  3. Great new layout. Congrats!
  4. Looks good, but you might want to throw a little more bitrate at the header image with yourself in it, looks pixelated and bitrate starved.
    1. Interestingly, header image is served by Cloudflare, so I'd guess there's enough bitrate at the server end ;) They are massive though, asked the designers to reduce them.

      As for pixelation - that was the best photo of me presenting we could find anywhere :((

      Thanks for the feedback!
  5. The favicon icon is now the standard Blogger icon instead of your old icon. Makes it more difficult to locate the tabs I have open for your site in my browser. (For, I still get the old icon, but not for

    /Thomas B
    1. Thanks for the bug report. Fixed (this one was easy ;)
  6. Like the new design. Great work!
  7. imma like the design very much, gj!
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