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Upcoming Events: Troopers 2016

Last autumn’s SDN roadtrip left me totally exhausted – at the moment it’s so bad that I can’t push myself to work on non-urgent things – but there are some conferences are that so awesome that I wouldn’t skip them no matter what.

Troopers 16 (March 14th – 18th in Heidelberg, Germany) is a must-go-to security conference. Past events were fantastic, and when Enno Rey asked me what I’d like to talk about this year it wasn’t hard to come up with three interesting topics:

  • Network automation workshop, where we’ll spend a whole day talking about the challenges of network automation, mechanisms available to program your networking devices, and tools you can use to put together your own automation solution;
  • Automating IPv6 deployments (part of IPv6 summit) where I’ll try to answer the question my good fried Jason Edelman asked me a long time ago: considering you already have a running IPv4 network, could you automate deployment of IPv6 stack on the same devices?
  • Real-life Software Defined Security talk at the main conference in which I’ll talk about some of the interesting security-related deployments I’ve learned about while teaching SDN workshops or talking with guests on Software Gone Wild podcast.

The “only” thing I have to do before the conference is to develop the materials, and the tiny challenge you have to fix is to make sure you’re registered. Hope to see you in Heidelberg!

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