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Get Digital Content with the SDN Workshop

Last week I ran two SDN workshops, and in both of them the participants were busy taking notes as I explained the intricacies of concepts like SDN, NFV and network automation, and tools like OpenFlow or BGP.

However, how often did you revisit notes taken at a presentation and kept wondering “what exactly was he trying to say?” … or felt like the training you attended was like drinking from a fire hose and you missed most of the good stuff?

You won’t have that problem during the Miami SDN/NFV/SDDC retreat. The materials you get when attending the workshop include all related digital content (webinars and books) that I ever produced, so you’ll be able to watch the webinars to revisit the topics or details you might have missed during the workshop.

In most cases, you’ll get even more than that from the digital materials. Classroom training is time-limited for obvious reasons; for example, we’ll spend only 1.5 hours discussing OpenFlow… or continue the discussions over an evening beer. Online materials don’t have the same limitations – the OpenFlow webinar is more than 5 hour long deep dive. In total, you’ll get more than 30 hours of online content as compared to ~20 hours spent in the classroom during the 3 days.

Finally, I keep updating the digital content. You know I’m running at least one live webinar every month, and some of them update or add to existing content. Whenever I’ll update the content discussed during the workshop you’ll get a notification and will be able to download the updated version of the materials for at least a year.

Interested? Register here. Need even more reasons before deciding to go to Miami? Don’t worry, I’ll be back ;)


  1. I use the following principle when going to take part in a training: find the best trainer and get prepared.

    I always study the topic BEFORE taking part in any kind of classes just to get most out of a training. If you are not prepared you spend time on basic stuff and you do not have time to think it over and learn as much as possible from a trainer (assumed that that the trainer is really good at the subject).
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