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A Burst of SDN Webinars (and a Slew of SDN Workshops)

You might have noticed that I’m running three SDN-related webinars in the next three weeks, which is the highest density of live webinar sessions I ever had. What’s going on?

Before moving on, I’d like to point out that the early bird pricing for our November SDN/SDDC retreat in Miami, Florida, ends on September 1st, and there are only a few tickets left. Time to register ;)

Here's the full story: when I designed my SDN workshops I had two options:

  • Make them superficial, covering only the basics of many SDN topics I think you should master;
  • Turn them into a week-long course.

Neither one of these options works really well – some people don’t want to know more than the basics while others want to dig deep into the details, and very few engineers can afford to be away from work for a whole week.

Fortunately, I already had most of the topics covered in the SDN workshop in digital format, which allowed me to combine the webinar-based deep dive with classroom training: we’ll cover as many details in the classroom as the audience is interested in (time permitting), and the attendees get access to the whole SDN track (approximately 24 hours of content).

I’m running the first workshop in early September, so I needed to produce the missing bits and pieces before that time, and the results of a live session are always much better than whatever I get after talking to my Wacom tablet for a few hours ;)

The upcoming workshops

Just in case you’re interested in my autumn 2015 classroom SDN workshop, here’s the full list:

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