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Great News: My Workshops Are Available from NIL Data Communications

In the last few months I ran into a sweet problem: dozens of organizations would like to have on-site SDN, SDDC or IPv6 workshop. Obviously I had to turn many of them down, and my calendar is almost full till early November.

A week ago I also found a solution: my friends at NIL Data Communications will start offering the same workshops with their instructors.

Will they be as good as the original?

I’m positive they will be – NIL has been in training business for more than two decades (I was their first Cisco-certified instructor in early 1993), and was always focused on quality (I should know that – I was the technical director for a decade or so). They’ve also nailed down the knowledge transfer process, so the instructors you’ll see will know as much about the workshop topics as I do.

Finally, wouldn’t you love to have an SDN instructor that has hands-on experience with Tail-F NCS and a few other SDN tools, an SDDC instructor that designed and implemented a production VMware NSX and Cisco ACI deployment, or an IPv6 instructor that helped large global organizations roll out IPv6?

Wait, there’s more ;)

We also reached an interesting agreement on training materials: every student gets not only the PDF version of the slide deck (like you’d expect from a usual workshop), but also unlimited access to the webinar version of the topics covered in the workshop, so you’ll be able to download and watch the webinar videos after attending the workshop.

For more details, contact NIL Learning team nearest to you.

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